Wesley Stace, cantautor y escritor

Wesley Stace

John Wesley Harding (a.k.a. Wesley Stace) es nuestro invitado especial a la sección Las 5? de esta semana. El británico, que tan buenos momentos nos ha proporcionado en su extensa carrera en solitario al lado de Minus 5 o su contribución al soundtrack de la referencial «High Fidelity», ha compartido con nosotros su vivencia vinilera. Un placer.

1- ¿Cuál fue el primer disco que te compraste?

Single was A Glass of Champagne by Sailor – and I still have it on my jukebox. Kinda Roxy Music lite. The first album, at least with my own money, was Yellow Submarine by The Beatles. I was very muddled that one side of it was classical music! But the other side was amazing.


A Glass of Champagne, Sailor

Yellow Submarine, The Beatles



2-¿Cuál es, para ti, la joya más preciada de tu colección de discos?

Ooh. Good question. Maybe the picture disc of the “Label Sofa”, if you know what I’m talking about. The first Duncan Browne album is very rare and I have a beautiful copy. The second Duncan Browne is even harder to find than the first now. Brian Eno’s Before and After Science with the prints from the first edition. So many things!


picture disc label sofa

duncan browne


3-¿Tu portada de disco favorita?

Rock Bottom by Robert Wyatt? Blonde on Blonde? The first Goat album with the dye-cut? My Head, My Bed, My Red Guitar by Tommy James – that might just be my favourite title.



My Head, My Bed, My Red Guitar, Tommy James

blonde on blonde, Bob Dylan

4-¿Qué vinilo regalarías a alguien que se acaba de comprar un tocadiscos?

Rock Bottom, for sure. I love giving people that record.


Rock Bottom, Robert Wyatt

5-¿Qué es para ti el Record Store Day?

I love it, but I hope the money isn’t all going back to the big record companies with overpriced Neil Young vinyl and weird Flaming Lips 12’s! The more indie, the better, for everyone!