Kurt Baker, músico

kurt baker 2

Kurt Baker es nuestro invitado en Las 5? de RSD de esta semana. De faceta prolífica, el de Portland es músico, compositor, productor e incluso DJ de vinilo. Afincado actualmente en Madrid, presenta un nuevo disco lleno de positividad y buen rollo.


1-¿Cuál fue el primer disco que te compraste?

The first record I ever bought was on cassette tape in the early 90’s. It was The Beatles Rubber Soul, after that I bought Shaquille O’Neal Shaq Diesel and following that The Mamas and the Papas Papas and the Mamas album.

2-¿Cuál es, para ti, la joya más preciada de tu colección de discos?

I have a few, but I gotta say Dee Dee King Standing In the Spotlight. That album goes for a lot of money on eBay and I found it in Sweden for 50kr (5 euro)… a total steal! It’s a great record too. 

3-¿Tu portada de disco favorita?

I really love The Cars Candy O, it’s iconic!

4-¿Qué vinilo regalarías a alguien que se acaba de comprar un tocadiscos?

The first album by Cheap Trick, The Beach Boys Pet Sounds or Wild Honey, KISS Rock N’ Roll Over or a Greatest Hits album by Tommy Dorsey.

5-¿Qué es para ti el Record Store Day?

Record Store Day has always been a fun day! Back when I was living in the United States, I would always play acoustic shows at a place called Bull Moose Music. Actually, the owner of Bull Moose Music started Record Store Day in the very beginning, so it’s always been a special day! Now days, I’m never awake in the mornings to buy the special records that are released, but it’s great to see people are excited about buying music, especially vinyl. Although for me, of course.. every day is Record Store Day! Let’s buy some records!