Doug Aldrich, guitarrista de The Dead Daisies

Doug Aldrich

Doug Aldrich es uno de los mejores guitarristas de la escena del rock. En la actualidad es miembro de la super banda The Dead Daisies aunque anteriormente ha estado en formaciones tan míticas como Whitesnake, DIO o Hurricane.


1- The first record you bought?

Led Zeppelin II. It came out in 1969, I think I bought it in 1971 or 1972 in a city close to Washington D.C. I used to listen Steve Wonder and Kiss from sister’s but my favourite band was absolutely Led Zeppelin.


2-What’s for you the most precious item of your record collection?

I don’t have a huge collection of albums, most of the time I am traveling and I am not at home. I have some signed records which I really appreciate.


3-Your favourite album cover?

I have to say again Led Zeppelin. Concretely the one from Led Zeppelin IV, I think that it’s genious! I also like Blind Faith‘s cover but I have never understand why people use to think it’s nasty. It’s not easy to choose what’s the best cover for your album. I really think that people who design them, take an important place in the whole process.


4-Which vinyl would you give as a present to somebody who have just bought a record player?

It depends on the person and the kind of music he/she likes. One who loves heavy staff, I would give as a present some Black Sabbath‘s record. One persone who wants peace and relax something from The Beach Boys or also Hotel California from Eagles. A classic like Deep Purple is also a good choice.


5-What’s your opinion about Record Store Day?

On one hand I think that it’s so interesting that nowadays people still love music from vinyls. For sure it’s quite different and better than digital sound. On the other hand I think that Record Store Day is a good day for music industry and for music itself.